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  • Friction material special hydraulic machine series

    Brake pad industry: steel back first press, steel back press, multi-cavity press, rotary automatic multi-station press, barrel die and die drum brake press.
  • Compressor special hydraulic machine series

    Commutator industry: commutator special hot press, various forms of commutator stripper, semi-automatic commutator hot press, automatic pancake machine, etc.
  • Video

    Liqi presses have low energy consumption, low noise and low oil temperature. Energy saving and emission reduction is a design concept, respecting the operating habits of operators, and obtaining the unanimous praise of grassroots operators.

About us

Zhejiang Liqi Machinery Co, Ltd is Located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.We are the manufacturer of press machine special for brake pads, shoes and lining for both vehicle car,passenger cars, truck as well as the commutators. We have the teams to designing,research, and manufacturing our press machine. 1.For brake pads and ...